Look at Maine: anchors, scythes, trees and moose are all really strong symbols – California’s really working that bear – but stick this atop a flagpole and good luck making any of them out.




It’s honestly like they weren’t even trying, they’re not even all the same blue! At least Louisiana’s pelican isn’t another fucking seal I suppose.



Dear God they’re boring. It’s hard to find anything interesting to say about so many of them. Even the grinning, corporate face of Col. Sanders would be better than this.


The prototype of Idaho’s flag bore the text ‘If you think Idaho, then there are a few things you have yet to learn about your mother’, and this was only rejected as the text was too small to be legible at any kind of distance. Ironically Idaho’s current flag still has this problem.


The British government pays the state of Hawaii a small stipend each year to keep the Union Jack on the flag. This is considered money well spent as mildly irritating patriotic Americans is one of the British’ greatest national pleasures.

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